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In the digital world children might easily be exposed to explicit content or contacted by strangers. Spending too much time on the smartphone instead of doing homework, playing with friends oudoors and having regular bedtimes can have negative impacts on the childs development. Children might also become a victim to cyberbullying, or thoughtlessly participate in cyberbullying themselves.

Geofencing and Curfews

Set geographical boundaries for where your kids can safely travel and curfews, and easily see where your child is at all times. You can link the area with their curfews or use the location to find a missing device. If kids travel too far, parents are notified immediately.

Notifications and Alerts

Log in as a parent, and get real-time notifications of your child’s actions and whereabouts. You’ll be notified immediately if your child receives contact requests from unknown numbers, if they travel outside the designated geofence parameters, or if they’re not home after their curfew.

Safe Social Features

Your children can connect with their friends and family using text, voice, and video chats with all the same features as in your other favourite messaging apps.

Manage Games, Apps and Contacts

Set daily time limits for games or block harmful apps completely. Discuss and approve or block unknown contacts together with your child.

Swanlock Remote Time-Out

When it’s time to put the phone away, you can lock your child’s device and send a notification with a customized picture and text on their lock screen. Even when the device is locked during a time-out, they can still use it to contact their parents or caregiver or contact emergency services.

Safe and Private Data

Swantry features the latest in cyber security technology. Unlike most apps out there, we don't store our users’ data anywhere, so there’s no risk of your family’s private information leaking. Ever.

Anti-Bullying Measures

Tackling bullying starts from the small things. Sometimes all it takes is just another chance to think your actions through. That’s why we designed a feature that encourages kids to consider their actions when chatting with their friends.

How Swantry Works

Swanlock is incredibly easy to use. Setting it up and using it requires only few steps and there's guiding info all throughout the app.


Sign Up and Add Your Children

After registering you can start by adding profiles for your children and customizing their settings and restrictions. Each child can have their own curfews, geofences, app restrictions and contacts.


Notification Feed and Alerts

Swantry keeps you up to date on everything that's happening with your childrens phones. You get notifications and alerts if they travel outside the geofence you set for them or if they receive contact requests from unknown numbers.


Set Geofences

Set geographical boundaries for your children; where they can travel safely and how far they shouldn't go. Simply draw an area on the map and you will be notified if the child travels outside it.


Kid's Personal and Secure Profiles

Children can have their private profiles with their unique settings, apps, restrictions and contacts. Kids can log in by entering their private PIN code.


Swantry for Kids

Swantry for kids features all the possibilities for learning and having fun, without any of the dangers of the Internet. Children can have their own apps and friends to chat with.


Secure and Harassment-free Chat

Swantry chat is packed with all the features you already love in your messaging apps. Your family can use it to keep in touch in a fast and secure way and calling for free (data charges may apply).

Security and privacy

Swantry features the latest of cyber security technology. Our philosophy is that your personal data is private and should only be in your hands. We will never collect your data and sell it forward. No one else can access your data, unless you want them to.


Swantry's security isn't just cutting-edge encryption technology: we simply don't store any of your data anywhere.

End-to-end encryption

Every connection between you and your family or friends is secured with the newest end-to-end encryption technology. This means no outsider can ever listen in.

100% Privacy

Because we won't ask you for your private information or collect any of your personal data in any way, your and your family's privacy is always 100% secure.


Keep your children safe with Swantry family safety app for Android


With the Free version you can manage up to one Child device, whereas the Premium version let's you manage unlimited Child devices with extra features like timers and supporting Parent devices.


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