Keep your children safe In the digital world of tablets and smartphones

Swantry is an Android app designed to operate on a foundation of trust and dialogue. With Swantry, children can discover and utilize digital services and smart devices responsibly - and learn to stay safe in the digital world.

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Get a peace of mind by setting geographical limits and curfews. Easily see where your child is at all times.

Activity monitoring

Get updates on all the important activity your child's device is being used for.

The other features of Swantry

  • Military grade security

    State of the art security architecture makes sure your family's information and pictures are always safe.

  • Safe social features

    Your children can connect with their friends or family using text, voice and video chats up to 4 people.

  • Set limits and boundries

    Set time limits for games or block harmful apps completely. Approve or block unknown contacts.

Ideal for families with
young children

Narrow down the endless jungle of digital services by giving your children only the safest tools for learning, playing and communicating.

Use Swantry to teach your children limits and how to stay safe on the Internet. Starting from the very first smart device you give them.

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Premium Membership
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